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Fingal, an Epic Poem. Book I.Page 1
Book II.21
Book III.35
Book IV.49
Book V.61
Book VI.73
Comala: a Dramatic Poem87
The War of Caros: a Poem95
The War of Inis-thona: a Poem104
The Battle of Lora: a Poem111
Conlath and Cuthona: a Poem121
Carthon: a Poem.127
The Death of Cuchullin: a Poem143
Darthula: a Poem155
Temora: an Epic Poem172
Carric-thura: a Poem193
The Songs of Selma209
Calthon and Colmal: a Poem219
Lathmon: a Poem228
Oithona: a Poem241
Croma: a Poem249
Berrathon: a Poem257